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About Social Drive!

Social Drive believes in working closely with every client to ensure their business’s needs are met. SD prides themselves not only for being at the pulse of social media, but for being in tune with the changing needs of their clients business, as well. As the link to a clients virtual entity and social presence, SD is responsible for effectively representing the clients brand, a job they take on with professionalism and care.

Visit our New Media Guide page for important information on social media and why your organization needs it. http://www.socialdrive.us/social-snapshot/

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Finally, please visit our contact page for information about us and to submit any questions you may have. http://www.socialdrive.us/contact/

Next time you think to put hundreds of dollars everyday into hard to measure outbound marketing campaigns or costly print ads, just remember “now, 40% of traffic comes from social media,” says Scott Havens, senior vice president of finance and digital operations at The Atlantic Media Company (Mashable.com)