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Meet Social Thrive


Social Thrive team

Team Social Thrive


The Founders


Kristine Resendes

Growing up as a Hispanic, first-generation American, I was always taught to do the “practical thing.”

Get a “real” job in an “important” field; there wasn’t really room for thinking outside of the box. So, I started at Clark University on scholarship to study Biochemistry when I quickly realized I didn’t want to spend my life in a lab, no matter how much I liked DNA centrifuge :). After testing out a few areas of study, doing service trips to Central America, and volunteering at non-profits, I realized that I loved understanding people. So, I obtained my Bachelors in Media and Cultural Studies focusing on technology and new media.

I went on to receive a Masters of Science in Professional Marketing on full scholarship, which required more focus on business, finance, and entrepreneurship. With my interest in understanding people, I was able to focus on their buying patterns and how to analyze marketing ROI. While working on strategic plans, I was always struck by technology’s growing impact in the business world. With my interest in data management and dipping into the creative outlets of digital video, photography, and gaming, it was easy to merge the two worlds of business and digital marketing.

After graduating, I was hired at a start-up in Cambridge, working on their online advertising analytics and business incubation model. Being promoted from an analyst to a business manager was a big step in my career, but I soon realized that I wanted to be in charge of my own business. That’s when I met my business partner Aubrey Burke. We shared a passion for online marketing and often chatted about running our own company, until one day Aubrey said, “we could do this!” Now I spend my time working on Social Thrive’s business, finance, and operations, as well as client-facing projects such as analytics, online advertising campaigns … and some visual design too.

Aubrey Burke

Aubrey Burke

I like spending my weekends focusing on inbound marketing strategy, reviewing our client’s Facebook’s insights and going for long walks on the beach…

My story begins in a law office reception desk, fresh out of college, where I spent my days twiddling my thumbs and guessing who was next to pop out of the elevator (no music, no reading, no actual work to do – I was bored). I started heavily browsing the internet and got sucked into the world of blogging. I was amazed at the network of complete strangers interacting with one another 24/7 and thought I’d hop in on the fun. I instantly loved it.

Blogging got me thinking about marketing – specifically how people engage with one another online. I offered to help a family friend help grow his business through social media channels and was quickly hooked on what powerful and effective tools they were. Realizing how few companies were leveraging social media, I partnered with Kristine Resendes to found Social Thrive. Now well into our first decade, we’ve helped dozens of clients get past assumptions about digital media that have held them back.

In late June 2019, Aubrey decided to take a step back from Social Thrive to focus on her growing family right before she welcomed her third child. Aubrey was a big part of Social Thrive’s foundation and we wish her all of the success in the world!


The Team

Samantha Lorton Headshot

Samantha Lorton

“Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.”

I was 17 when I landed my first data entry gig under a head of business development, and the youngest person in the mid-sized corporation. Within three months, I was managing and analyzing annual ad and marketing campaigns. I believe I got my kickstart in the digital media revolution earlier than most, considering the only cool MySpace layouts had to be made with HTML, and AOL Instant Messenger was the “it” place. Before any of my friends even knew what ‘marketing’ really was, I was pulling reports for my CEO and delivering ad campaigns to leads across the country. To this day, nothing is more fulfilling than positive ROI. Through personal, professional and educational experiences, I have learned a lot about creating effective marketing and advertising strategies based off none only than the consumer’s themselves, and I’ve seen great success in that approach.

Understanding my client’s goals, customer base, and their competition is the goal.
Using that information to make a profitable marketing strategy is my passion.

Lisa Pastor

Lisa Pastor

I believe anyone can build a successful, fulfilling business; they just need the tools to get there. That’s where I come in (with my sleeves rolled up, no less!).

My digital marketing repertoire includes tripling revenue growth of online stores, developing hundreds of influencer partnerships, and turning likes into leads on social media.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, working with small/mid-size businesses is my passion. When I’m not checking Facebook Business Manager or posting on Instagram, you can find me strolling through Brookline or spending time with family on the South Shore.


Paul Pegher

Paul Pegher

As the newest member of the Social Thrive team, I bring more than two decades of experience connecting good people, ideas and intentions with strategy, action and results. 
As an editor and creative director in higher education, I led content development for best-in-class magazines, web sites and fundraising campaigns. As a senior communications officer in state government, I developed complex strategies and programs that served the needs of the public and business sectors, state and local officials, the agency’s many business partners and its own 5,000 employees. And in the corporate sector, I produced national and international multi-platform marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. 
With education in both journalism and business administration, I enjoy finding the sweet spot between storytelling, strategy and analytics. And most of all, I enjoy producing content that serves our clients and their audiences alike.


Bob Rustici

Bob Rustici

Why is PPC my thing?

I’ve done it all when it comes to online marketing, SEO, Email, Facebook Ads, blogging, podcasts, LinkedIn posts and of course of Paid Search. So why do I talk SEM advertising up so much and refer to myself as an expert there? Instant gratification. It remains the best online marketing channel to get sales or leads fast. So quickly, a business doesn’t have time to get nervous about the investment they are making.

Okay, time to get honest a bit. Managing PPC can be a nerve-racking activity at times when you are launching expensive campaigns. When a monthly budget exceeds $50k with a click cost of over $50 there’s little to no room for excuses. Maybe I’m a bit crazy but I like that pressure. Of course when the leads or sales start rolling in for my clients that’s the pay off for me.

Helping a business grow is very much a passion for me. For over 8 years I’ve also been volunteering with the SCORE organization that offers free business consulting to startup or existing small businesses. And why not, since small business is the backbone of the American economy, it’s a great cause to support.


Abby Greco

Abby Greco

I have always loved writing and communicating with others.

I grew up in an analog world of hand-written notes and mix tapes, learned to type (and play King’s Quest) on an Apple 2GS, and cut my teeth on what seemed like — at the time — the high-speed world of Prodigy and AOL Instant Messenger. I can still remember the sweet sound of my dial-up modem connecting me to a whole new world! After a move south landed me at Google in Atlanta, I jumped headfirst into digital and never looked back. A decade later, having spent time at InterContinental Hotels, AOL (now Oath) and the Huffington Post, I have a diverse digital background, spanning client service, consultative sales, and marketing analytics. My favorite part of my job? That it doesn’t feel like work. I love telling stories with data that inspire conversations between clients and consumers. The ever-evolving world of technology never ceases to amaze me – it’s an exciting time to be alive! Let’s use our powers for good.