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Influencer Marketing

Why You Should be Including Influencer Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

Today, consumers are feeling inundated with your typical, digital pop up and display ads. What is one way to touch a desensitized consumer? Influencers! Influencers have become wildly successful due to their ability to connect on a personal level and influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing strategies in digital marketing. Influencers showcase a business’s brand, products and services in a way that consumers would want to themselves. In this way, they are building credibility with consumers and reaching the ideal audience for brands.

Recent studies show 49% of consumers depend on Influencer recommendations when making a purchasing decision. Influencers are getting back to the basics by using traditional marketing tactics such as word of mouth, trust and brand loyalty to promote businesses in a non-traditional way. Potential customers leave the experience feeling inspired, eager and sure about the product instead of feeling as if they were sold. 94% of elite marketers now use influencer marketing because it drives 11X more ROI than traditional digital marketing channels.

What exactly is Influencer Marketing?

This type of marketing is the use of the most popular content creators, in any specific industry. Using these experts help increase website traffic, build brand awareness and speak to your audience about your products or services on a more personal level.

Consumers tend to trust recommendations from those they admire like influencers, friends or family more than they trust the businesses that are selling products. Influencers, or Micro-Influencers, have built a devoted following of thousands to tens of thousands of people on their platforms and channels who are like minded and value their opinion. Recommendations and first hand experiences are coming directly from their favorite Influencers can result in a larger, more targeted customer base.

Still on the fence about the whole idea? Here is a list of benefits and key takeaway’s of implementing Influencer Marketing into your marketing strategy:

  • Increase in ROI due to a more targeted audience
  • Not a costly marketing tactic
  • Higher conversion as Influencers build brand reputation and trust
  • Larger reach across multiple channels
  • Non-traditional, more personal way to promote services
  • Non pushy way to reach your consumers

Social Thrive is here to help! Contact us today to continue the conversation about how Influencer Marketing can work for you.

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filming, video marketing

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses: Part 2

We’ve compiled a list of 5 video marketing strategies any small business can leverage to increase their exposure and bottom line.


Educational and “How To” videos allow you, as a product or service provider, to demonstrate your knowledge by showing consumers how your product will solve their problem, and how to use it. This offers a whole new layer of value when consumers consider investing in your business. The second-best thing to an in-person tutorial is a video demonstration. Think about how often people search YouTube for instructions on how to use a product or program. Showcasing your expertise in the form of video will keep customers coming back for more and will encourage them to commit to your product, knowing that they will have access to the material they need to use it.


Who doesn’t love a little behind the scenes action? Whether you give a sneak peek into your work culture or you’re demonstrating the processes behind creating the products that your consumers have grown to know and love… there is no denying that people appreciate getting the inside scoop.

A huge part of video marketing is the ability to humanize your brand. Who is behind the products or services? How can consumers relate to the company? No matter what size your business is, relatability is a huge factor in any stage of the buying cycle, but particularly for those that are smaller. The smaller your company is, the more competitive the market will be.

The more competition you face, the more important it is for you to establish who you are and why you’re their best choice.


The proof is in the pudding! Not all video content has to come directly from the brand. Your customers should be your biggest advocates. With the influx of product reviews online, consumers inherently search for real feedback before making a purchase. Rather than feeding insight through the mouths of your company representatives, why not hand them what they are looking for?

Invite your consumers to create videos about their experience with your company. With the right incentive in place, young consumers will be more than willing to submit user-generated reviews on your behalf that you can later regurgitate on your own channels. Video testimonials are far more effective and authentic than written.


Streaming live events or conversations through social media platforms such as Instagram’s IGTV and Facebook Live is a fun way to increase visibility and promote conversation. It may even trigger a little FOMO, which isn’t a bad thing if your goal is to increase attendance at future functions.

Live broadcasts are becoming a critical driving factor in establishing digital brand awareness. Businesses are given a unique (and free!) advantage by offering a content experience to a deeply captive audience. One billion people use Instagram each month; 95% of U.S. Instagrammers use YouTube, and 91% use Facebook. This creates endless opportunities to cross-promote and tease videos across platforms.


What better way to persuade potential buyers than by showing them your products in use? Consumers appreciate creativity, especially in the form of inspiration and hacks. While describing why and how one might benefit from your business is effective, showing the various ways a product can be used, worn, or incorporated into their daily lives will get your customers saying, “hmm, why didn’t I think of that?”

If you’ve yet to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, the time is now! Always be sure to include a clear call-to-action to increase your leads and conversions.

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Filming, video marketing

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. It’s one thing to tell consumers how you can serve them; it’s another to show them. The 2019 digital marketing landscape shows that 87% of businesses are using video as a promotional tool, and 83% of marketers say that video gives them a good ROI. With numbers like those, there is no denying that this visual marketing strategy is on the rise.

If your business has considered using video to market your products or services but has not yet made a move, you may be missing out on an enormous growth opportunity, both in staying relevant and in increasing sales.

Here are five compelling reasons you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy:

1. Consumers WANT Video. It’s simple: if you want to stand out, you need to give the people what they want. These days, consumers prefer video over written content. In fact, 87% of consumers want to see more videos from brands in 2019. Videos are easy to consume, especially in an age when 81% of Americans own smartphones, and 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices. Stay current and aware of where the traffic is, and your viewership will flourish.

2. Boosted Online Presence. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, has 2 billion monthly users who watch 250 million hours of videos on their TVs daily. This is a 39% increase in under a year. Videos are favored by Google and thus increase search engine rankings and visibility. And Google owns YouTube, so videos are a significant factor in where you land in the SERPs. The longer someone views your content, the more search engines will trust that your website is trustworthy and valuable.

3. Brand Awareness and Understanding. Videos can attract potential buyers that you weren’t reaching before and can help them understand what your products and services are all about. Visual representations allow consumers to recognize your business and keep you top-of-mind when someone is in the market for what you have to offer. This is especially useful when you are launching a new service or product, or when your product requires instructions for use.

4. Increased Conversions and Sales. Establishing brand awareness and understanding can lead directly to an increase in your conversion rate and sales. The more people know about your products and services, and the more they understand how they can benefit from them, the better your odds are of witnessing an influx of customers. More sales equal a better overall return on investment.

5. Illustrates Personality and Authenticity. Video gives you something that written content does not: the chance to put a face to the name. The more your customers recognize and trust you, the more likely they will be to become long-term buyers. Your audience will appreciate the opportunity to get to know your business on a more personal level, which, in turn, will establish a connection to your brand.

Ready to get started with video marketing? Check out our Benefits of Video Marketing Blog: Part 2 post for five strategies you can implement today!

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podcast marketing

Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

As marketing trends evolve and businesses adapt to customer demands, industry leaders are looking for new ways to reach and engage their target audience. While social media, content marketing, PPC, and B2B are all promotional strategies companies should continue to employ, it may be time to think outside the box.

If you want your business to stand out against a saturated market, consider implementing alternative marketing tools, like podcasting. Podcasting is unique way to access a captive audience, increase leads and conversions, and establish brand awareness. It’s also growing; ad spending is predicted to reach $534 million by 2020, up from $43 million in 2010. You do the math!

Not convinced? Here are six reasons podcasting may be an ideal addition to your company’s marketing strategy:


Marketing is nothing without relationships. While podcasts don’t allow conversation between consumer and provider, listeners are able to get to know the speaker on a more personal level. It establishes a sense of connection and trust and helps demonstrate a company’s authenticity. It’s one thing to write about why your business is a customer’s best option; it’s another to show it. By the time your show is over, listeners will feel like they know you and will want to be associated with your brand.


Think of all the people who commute to and from work each day. Now consider all the people who own smartphones. Audio content is a simple, hands-free form of education and entertainment. It allows small businesses to tap into a market that few others have access to. For example, if you drive to work, you may tune into the radio. If you take a train, you may see several print advertisements on the subway walls and maybe a few video commercials, but not much else. You are left with your thoughts or your headphones. Podcasts are an easy way for consumers to maximize their time without having to carry anything extra.


In many cases, audio is easier to consume than text, making listeners pay closer attention and for longer periods. As of June 2019, 80% of podcast consumers listen to all or most of each episode, and tune into to an average of seven shows per week.

Additionally, when someone subscribes to a podcast, they don’t have to be targeted any further like they may with PPC advertisements. In most cases, their smartphone will automatically download or sync itself to any new episodes that are published, making it easy for marketers to reach former listeners. If you continue to produce quality content, your consumers will keep listening.


Targeting an untouched market allows companies to attain customers they may not have otherwise reached. While podcasting is still relatively new, there is an enormous demographic looking for new shows to tune into, and your show could be the first time they’re learning about your business.

The more awareness you build, the more conversions you will see. A clear and relevant CTA at the end of your episode will increase traffic and help customers stay in touch, or access whatever you choose to promote.


While podcasting is growing, most companies will face little competition. This marketing tool allows businesses to establish themselves as authority figures in their industry, particularly when they’re among the first to present themselves to listeners. Because it is a vocal platform, you as the provider can demonstrate why you and your company are their best option. Set yourselves apart!


Podcast equipment and software are inexpensive, making this marketing method accessible to almost any budget. With a microphone and an editing program, just about anyone can create the content they need. A plus? You don’t have to have a strict script or plan; if you have a basic topic and structure to follow, you can talk with your guest and see what comes out of it. In fact, this relaxed conversational style is what many consumers prefer.

Podcasts are easily integrated into any existing digital marketing plan. Whether you are trying to sell products or services, are looking to grow your email list, or are simply focused on lead generation, this powerful marketing tool can take your business to the next level.