Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization is the process of leveraging your company’s website to facilitate higher search engine rankings. The more often your website gets indexed above your competitors’ sites, the higher your website traffic volume will be – which is why SEO is so important. To ensure your website is properly optimized, Social Thrive strategically monitors and modifies your company’s presence across all relevant search platforms. An overview:

  • Google is the undisputed king of search engines, with over 70% of the US market share. If you’re not on Google, you essentially don’t exist online. We are expert Google navigators who know how to leverage our clients’ presence there and push our clients’ ads to the top of search results.
  • Over 90% of the websites in the world display Google ads by participating in the Google Display Network. We help you choose by category, demographic, or even specific websites to display your ads to the perfect audience.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind, you guessed it, Google. It’s a crowded, highly-competitive site that we know how to navigate for maximum clicks and views.
  • Similar strategies are used across the lower-tier search platforms too, from Amazon and eBay to Yelp and Yellow Pages, to Facebook and LinkedIn. And if there’s a particular site where you need more search visibility, we’re on it!


Search Engine Optimization