Instagram Management Service

  • Platform creation/ troubleshooting page optimization
  • Page optimization
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Content generation* (please see Graphic Design services)
  • Content scheduling
  • Optimization of content
  • Platform monitoring and analytics
  • Customer relations
  • Industry monitoring

With 100 million (and counting) registered users and 5 billion photos being shared, brands are clamoring to find new ways to engage and monetize Instagram. Users take numerous photos throughout the day, sharing with their followers, images of their whereabouts, friends, and most importantly, favorite products. If your company is primarily B2C, Instagram is a great source for credible exposure.

In addition to multiple updates each week, Social Drive works on outreach and growing your company’s audience through active participation. This means that we won’t wait for followers to find us, instead we’ll find them. We’ll do this by following and engaging in online conversations with people and other companies on Instagram. We also refresh the Instagram strategy on a regular basis, thinking of new ways to promote the brand and contests to generate buzz.


Instagram Management