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Keywords are the reason Bing is such an amazing marketing platform. We can show your ads in Google Search whenever specific keywords are searched. Nothing qualifies a lead better than searching ‘Buy X Now’ on Google. Let’s make sure it’s you capturing this traffic, and not your competitors.
From entire countries to specific zip code, from months and days to specific hours, we can hypertarget your ads for the time and area that makes the most sense for you.
Specifically target desktops, tablets, phones, or all of the above. The choice is yours.
Age, gender, marital status, interests, and more. Google’s demographic targeting is unparalleled.
With 90% of the entire web on the Display Network, rest assured we can target your demographic anywhere they choose to surf.
ReMarketing is phenomenal. It allows us to target prior visitors to your website. This means converting abandoned carts, informing customers of new products, and pursuing leads even after they left the site. It has some of the lowest costs per conversion we’ve ever seen, and we do a lot of marketing!

Services Details

Strategy & Implementation Process


  • Key Performance Metrics – Clear campaign goals will give us a foundation for our strategy.
  • CPA & ROAS Model – Cost Per Acquisition and Return On Ad Spend modeling prioritizes revenue and return on investment.
  • Communication – Pre-Setup meetings keep everyone on the same page, and allow for clear performance goals and optimum account performance.


  • On-Site Analytics – Google’s analytics suite of tools as well as 3rd party tools give powerful insights for use in account setup.
  • Off-Site Analytics – Analysis tools, internal metrics, and competitor research allows us to hit the ground running with new accounts.

Strategy & Structure

  • Keyword Research – Keywords are the foundation of search, and proper research allows us to maximize results and minimize wasted spend.
  • Campaigns – Well-structured campaigns increase account performance by streamlining analysis and management.
  • Ad Groups – Tightly themed ad groups increase performance and reduce cost per acquisition.
  • Ad Copy – Your ad copy is the single biggest differentiator of you from your competitors. We use highly relevant ad copy targeted at search intent, increasing performance and reducing cost per acquisition.
  • Keywords – Advanced keyword match types to reduce unqualified clicks.
  • Negative Keywords – Filter irrelevant searches to reduce unqualified clicks.
  • Ad Extensions – The use of advanced tactics such as Review and Call Extensions allows us to one-up competitors with larger eye-catching ads that provide further detail than the typical 2 subject lines of default search ads.
  • Conversion Code – Bing code on the site tracks account performance from high levels such as keyword and ad copy, to granular details such as device or time of day, just to name a few.
  • ReMarketing Code – Use of on-site cookies allows us to track and target prior visitors to the site and even specific pages for more targeted advertising.
  • Display Network – Google’s Display Network reaches ~90% of the web, allowing text and multimedia ads to reach customers nearly anywhere, including relevant websites, Gmail and YouTube.


  • Google Analytics Tools – Integration of Bing with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and My Business Listing allows data collection across the entire Google Search ecosystem.
  • Bing Analytics – With hundreds of ways to segment data, we can optimize account performance not just by keyword and ad copy, but by landing page, time and day, location, device, and more.
  • Misc. – All analytics can be integrated with additional services such as email software, CRM’s, etc.


  • Return on Investment – Revenue and ROI are the focus of our campaigns, which is why we place such a high priority on analytics. We measure every little detail and utilize that data to maximize revenue.
  • Keywords & Ad Copy – Over time our data allows us to tailor ad copy to specific keyword searches. This allows us to outperform competitors by giving the searcher exactly what they want, while reducing the cost of unqualified clicks.
  • Segmentation – Device, time and day, and location can be filtered to show ads where, when, and on what devices they perform best for. These are just examples of the segmentation available to us and represent the tip of the iceberg.
  • Bid – A higher bid doesn’t mean better performance. By analyzing factors such as position and return on spend, we allocate budget where it returns the most revenue.
  • Quality Score – Unfortunately, most agencies ignore this critical aspect of an Bing account. Put simply, Google rates the quality of your account all the way from overall performance and structure, right down to the keyword level, even your website, and either rewards or penalizes you for it. A high Quality Score can reduce your cost by up to 10X, whereas a low score can do the opposite.
  • On-Site – One of the true differentiators of Social Drive is that we don’t just do Bing. Our experience with front end design and programming allows us to go beyond the Bing dashboard and optimize the site itself, further increasing conversion rates and quality score to drive a higher return on your ad dollars.


AdWords Advertising ServicesFull transparency is the name of the game at Social Drive. Too many Bing agencies are happy to sit back as the paychecks roll in, hopeing the client doesn’t understand where their money is going. That’s not how we operate.

  • By integrating Bing with your esxisting analytics, we will show you where every penny was spent, and more importantly, how much revenue we generated for you!
  • We deliver a campaign performance report every month on the status of the campaigns highlighting key performance goals, traffic statistics, and noting any other changes/developments to the campaign.
  • Every quarter we will have a meeting to discuss the larger game-plan. This will be a review of current budget, lead deliverability, and improving efficiencies of the campaign going forward.

And if you ever have any questions you need answered or data you need explained, we’re here to answer your calls and emails at any time!


Once the Pre-Setup and Setup phases are complete, we typically see success in 1-3 months. Results can vary greatly from account to account though, based on budget, industry, website performance, competitors, etc.

Cost Structure

Price is heavily dependent on account size, but we typically charge a setup cost for initial setup followed my a monthly management fee.

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