“There is no single better marketing investment you can make. If you’re not using any sort of analytics, please call us immediately.”

Reporting & Analytics

We’re constantly shocked at how many businesses don’t track the return on their marketing spend. The days of estimating paid print, television and radio response rates are over!

The beauty of online marketing is that you can accurately measure the success of every ad campaign, every conversion, every last penny of revenue. It’s such a simple edition to your website, but has an enormous impact on your business. There is no single better marketing investment you can make.

What’s The Big Deal With Analytics?

Simply put: Analytics Increases Conversions and Reduces Marketing Spend Waste.

Evaluate ROI

Modern marketing is a science. It is based on data, and website analytics are how we measure that data. Without it, you’re marketing blind.

  • Measure Conversions – A conversion is a dynamic term, generally referring to when a web visitor ‘converts’ to a customer, but can also apply to becoming a lead, joining an email list, or whatever your goal is for a given campaign. By measuring conversions and conversion value we use data to optimize your marketing strategy for more efficient conversions.
  • Establish Goals – Goals are actions you would like your visitors to take on your website such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or making a call. Google Analytics allows for advanced tracking of goals, making it a powerful tool for insight into the behavior of visitors on your website.
  • Track Events – Events are actions that occur on your website such as clicking a download link, watching a video, or clicking to call. By tracking this data, we further paint a picture of what your visitors are doing on your site.

Measure Marketing Results

Google Analytics also allows us to measure the results of marketing, and measure its impact on revenue.

  • Reporting and analyticsAdWords Integration – AdWords is a powerful ad platform by Google, and easily integrates with Google Analytics to pass data like visitor cost, ROI, campaign and keyword data, and much more to Google Analytics.
  • Webmaster Tools Integration – Webmaster Tools is another must have website management tool from Google. By syncing Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics you can view detailed ranking data like search ranking by keyword, click through rate of organic search results, and more.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Most Email Marketing services have their own analytics, but by integrating Google Analytics you can tie all your Email marketing data together, attributing visitors and revenue to individual email campaigns and even individual emails.
  • Social Media Integration – We’ll set up all your social media properties, allowing you to track the Return on Investment of your social media campaigns like visitors, conversion and customer value.
  • Custom Links – For campaigns that don’t link directly to Google Analytics, we use custom link tagging to assign revenue and other goals and events down to individual links.

Analysis & Reporting

A proper Google Analytics set-up allows measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and detailed analysis of all aspects of your website, and translates it into actionable data you can use to guide your business and improve your bottom line.

  • Dashboard – Google Analytics has hundreds of metrics. Don’t get lost in irrelevant data! We’ll set you up with a custom dashboard specially tailored to your business.
  • Custom Reporting Setup – In addition to the custom reports that can be run through Google Analytics, there are also custom reports that can be hand built around nearly any combination of analytics, ensuring that you have all the relevant, actionable data at your fingertips.
  • Analysis – We’ll analyze the data for you, giving you our expert opinions and ensuring you have good data.
  • ConsultingOur in-house analytics expert will consult you on Google analytics ensuring your in house team can fully utilize the data we’ve given you.

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