“A Harvard Business School study showed an increase of 5% to 9% in revenue for each additional star on the review site Yelp.”

Online Review and Reputation Management

Online Reviews of Your Business Are Everywhere

The value of managing your Online Reputation, in particular your Online Reviews, hopefully goes without saying. In fact, if you think back on the last major purchase you made, you probably did a lot of research. You’re doing online research as we speak, reading about this company.

It’s what makes you a responsible and successful business owner, but conducting research online, reading reviews on the web and researching a product or service before purchasing isn’t unique to business owners. Sites like Amazon and Walmart display reviews on all their product listings, and review sites like Yelp and YellowPages frequently show up on Google alongside searches for your brand name. These days, it’s nearly impossible not to see reviews while you shop. Let’s look at this by the numbers:

In addition to creating a framework for how to manage your online reputation we provide the following services:

  • Reputation Management
    • Responding to both positive and negative reviews
    • Monitoring review sites
    • Monitoring Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for reviewReputation Management 2
    • Aiding in the removal and improvement of negative reviews
    • Interacting with clients online to prevent negative sentiment and improve positive sentiment
    • Online Review and Reputation Management consulting for your in-house marketing team

Positive reviews provide 3 powerful advantages to your company:

  • Good Online Reviews increase your rank on Search Engines and Review Sites, meaning more traffic for your business.
  • Good Reviews also increase your Click Through Rate, meaning you’ll not only get more traffic from your increased search ranking, but a higher percentage of these impressions will click through to your site.
  • Lastly, good online reviews increase the Conversion Rate of the traffic that clicks through to your site or calls your business, meaning that positive online reviews can bring a ton of new business.

Building a Positive Review Strategy

The first thing we’re going to do is create your Online Review strategy. We’ll put review processes and systems in place that mean that you’re adding positive online reviews to your web presence for the life on your business.

Removing and Improving Negative Reviews

We’re also going to reach out to clients who have left negative reviews to have them either removed or improved.

Analyzing Customer Sentiment to Improve Satisfaction

We’re all about data. Are you seeing the same trends both negative and positive in your reviews? We’ll analyze your clients’ feedback to determine what they do and don’t love about your business, so we can make sure you put additional focus on the types of behavior that drive high customer satisfaction and positive reviews, while limiting the aspects of your service or product that don’t.

Interacting with Clients Online to Prevent Negative Sentiment and Improve Positive Sentiment

Online review sites aren’t the only places your customers go to leave reviews and feedback. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs are just a few of the places your brand name can pop up. We’ll set up automated monitoring of your brand name and related keywords so that when these conversations occur, they don’t happen without you!

Online Review and Reputation Management Consulting for your In House Marketing Team

Managing your online reputation isn’t something you do once. It’s an ongoing process. That’s why we’re going to make sure that your in-house marketing team has all the tools and the know how that we have, so you can continue to work to improve your online reputation for the life on your business.