“The Google search engine is the undisputed king of search engines, with over ~70% of the US search market. If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist online.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing or improving your company’s website to facilitate higher search engine rankings. The more often your website gets indexed above your competitors, the higher your website traffic volume will be, which is why SEO is so important. To ensure your website is properly optimized Social Drive implements a number of strategic tactics and then monitors and modifies the strategy until its performing optimally.

SEO Specs

Search Engines

The Google search engine is the undisputed king of search engines, with over ~70% of the US search market. If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist online. We’ll get your ads to the top of the search results when people search for your product or service.
Over 90% of the websites in the world display Google ads by participating in the Google Display Network. Choose by category, demopgraphic, or even specific websites to display your ads to the perfect audience.
YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind, you guessed it, Google. Get your videos seen with YouTube ads.
While the above are the major internet search engines, the same mechanics are used across all search platforms from Amazon and eBay to Yelp and Yellow Pages, to Facebook and LinkedIn, and more. If there’s a particular site you need more search visibility on, let us know.

Services Details

We’ll help your company with Search Engine Optimization in 2 ways, On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO makes your website more search engine friendly to help your website rank higher, and is the first step in any Search Engine Optimization campaign. It consists of an analysis phase and an optimization phase.

Full SEO analysis and reporting.

During the analysis and reporting phase we will benchmark your website’s current Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s), such as monthly visitors and conversion rate, as well as overviewing your goals for the project. This will help in building an SEO strategy as well as giving us clear goals for our search campaign.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

Once we have our benchmarks and goals, we will optimize your website for your keywords using our 28 Point On Site SEO Checklist, helping your SEO by creating search engine friendly web pages.

By combining clear SEO goals with our proven SEO strategies, we get you fast, quantifiable results.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

Off –page SEO is the second step in any Search Engine Optimization campaign, and helps send signals to search engines that your content is relevant and valuable. We strongly believe in added value here at J.J. Marketing, which is why we feel Off-page SEO should be the organic product of an excellent content marketing strategy. This is because not only does it keep Google happy and help future proof your SEO strategies from future search engine algorithm changes, but it also means your marketing dollar is working on multiple fronts, helping to increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) of your SEO spend.

Search Engine OptimizationContent Marketing and SEO

While we still use a lot of old school SEO methods like link building and directory submissions, our main SEO focus will be what’s known as content marketing, which is the creation and distribution of high quality online content such as blogs and social media posts.

This content serves 2 main purposes. First, it helps your site ranking by increasing the number of relevant landing pages for your website with keyword rich content like blogs and tutorials.

Secondly, your content provides value to searchers, increasing social signals like backlinks, Facebook Likes and Tweets


Full transparency is the name of the game at Social Drive. Too many AdWords agencies are happy to sit back as the paychecks roll in, hopeing the client doesn’t understand where their money is going. That’s not how we operate.

  • By integrating AdWords with your esxisting analytics, we will show you where every penny was spent, and more importantly, how much revenue we generated for you!

  • We deliver a campaign performance report every month on the status of the campaigns highlighting key performance goals, traffic statistics, and noting any other changes/developments to the campaign.

  • Every quarter we will have a meeting to discuss the larger game-plan. This will be a review of current budget, lead deliverability, and improving efficiencies of the campaign going forward.

And if you ever have any questions you need answered or data you need explained, we’re here to answer your calls and emails at any time!


Once the Pre-Setup and Setup phases are complete, we typically see success in 1-3 months. Results can vary greatly from account to account though, based on budget, industry, website performance, competitors, etc.

Cost Structure

Price is heavily dependent on account size, but we typically charge a setup cost for initial setup followed by a monthly management fee.