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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words



Our job was to shine a light on what great things Watertown already had going on in an effort to generate cross-channel value and ignite a genuine interest for Arsenal Yards using 21st-century appeal.

The Challenge:

How to build an energetic digital community within a long-standing, physical community. In order to garner genuine engagement we knew that we would have to use digital storytelling to creatively show the who, what and where of East End Watertown.

Our Approach:

We created a mini-photography series for the people of Watertown a la ‘Humans of New York’. We exercised photojournalism via social media to illustrate personality through the people themselves.

The Results:

We were able to highlight many East End Watertown residents. The community came together because of this and looked forward to the digital photojournalism campaign we created. More people shared their stories, which just further amplified the EEW brand and created a consistent content funnel for the client.