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Facebook: Sneaky Ad Updates!

YIKES! Facebook is rolling out more and more monetizing opportunities on users newsfeeds. When you work everyday in Online Marketing like us, you can easily spot updates to a social platform that haven’t yet been announced.  A few times recently, I’ve noticed that Facebook has a way to identify if a congrats is in order to your friends… and subsequently prompts a gift purchase. Not only am I assuming that algorithm is triggered to surprise your friend who is mentioning a life event (without technically adding a  life event to their profile), but it’s also surprising the end-user because it isn’t technically your typical ad location seen on Facebook.

We’d like to see the stats of which Facebook users have taken advantage of this prompt or even the conversion rates of that oh-so-convenient “Birthday” gift.  Amazon, Starbucks, and Target are all mainstays in these monetizing strategies, but do you eventually thing this will get more niche?

We also surmise that the opposite will occur when a tragic event has happened:

“I hate men – single life here I come again!”

—-> surprise your friend with flowers from Edible Arrangements!  <—-

Check out an example below:

Facebook Advertising

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ROI, SEO, and other important acronyms

ROI (return on investment) … SEO (search engine optimization) … FYI!

This chart focuses on comparing SEO tactics by how much work goes into them versus which ones actually pay off.  Social media integration and external link building rank as the more significant challenges. The least difficult being updating your website content, noting that in tandem with keyword management, as being the most effective tactics and also the relatively less difficult ones.

We are happy to share this graph and study from because it is something many companies still need to grasp when they budget their marketing dollars. That is why Social Drive is here to help, our specialies lay in creating original content, among other things on this chart. We’d be interested in knowing how many companies allocate their resources to these tactics in totally different proportions.  Also to note, the time table of SEO effectiveness for implementing these tactics can vary and that definitely impacts why companies select some over others.

Awesome study, read it ::drops microphone::


Get the full study: