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Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

As marketing trends evolve and businesses adapt to customer demands, industry leaders are looking for new ways to reach and engage their target audience. While social media, content marketing, and PPC are all promotional strategies companies should continue to employ, it may be time to think outside the box.

If you want your business to stand out against a saturated market, consider implementing alternative marketing tools, like podcasting. Podcasting is unique way to access a captive audience, increase leads and conversions, and establish brand awareness. It’s also growing; ad spending is predicted to reach $534 million by 2020, up from $43 million in 2010. You do the math!

Not convinced? Here are six reasons podcasting may be an ideal addition to your company’s marketing strategy:


Marketing is nothing without relationships. While podcasts don’t allow conversation between consumer and provider, listeners are able to get to know the speaker on a more personal level. It establishes a sense of connection and trust and helps demonstrate a company’s authenticity. It’s one thing to write about why your business is a customer’s best option; it’s another to show it. By the time your show is over, listeners will feel like they know you and will want to be associated with your brand.


Think of all the people who commute to and from work each day. Now consider all the people who own smartphones. Audio content is a simple, hands-free form of education and entertainment. It allows small businesses to tap into a market that few others have access to. For example, if you drive to work, you may tune into the radio. If you take a train, you may see several print advertisements on the subway walls and maybe a few video commercials, but not much else. You are left with your thoughts or your headphones. Podcasts are an easy way for consumers to maximize their time without having to carry anything extra.


In many cases, audio is easier to consume than text, making listeners pay closer attention and for longer periods. As of June 2019, 80% of podcast consumers listen to all or most of each episode, and tune into to an average of seven shows per week.

Additionally, when someone subscribes to a podcast, they don’t have to be targeted any further like they may with PPC advertisements. In most cases, their smartphone will automatically download or sync itself to any new episodes that are published, making it easy for marketers to reach former listeners. If you continue to produce quality content, your consumers will keep listening.


Targeting an untouched market allows companies to attain customers they may not have otherwise reached. While podcasting is still relatively new, there is an enormous demographic looking for new shows to tune into, and your show could be the first time they’re learning about your business.

The more awareness you build, the more conversions you will see. A clear and relevant CTA at the end of your episode will increase traffic and help customers stay in touch, or access whatever you choose to promote.


While podcasting is growing, most companies will face little competition. This marketing tool allows businesses to establish themselves as authority figures in their industry, particularly when they’re among the first to present themselves to listeners. Because it is a vocal platform, you as the provider can demonstrate why you and your company are their best option. Set yourselves apart!


Podcast equipment and software are inexpensive, making this marketing method accessible to almost any budget. With a microphone and an editing program, just about anyone can create the content they need. A plus? You don’t have to have a strict script or plan; if you have a basic topic and structure to follow, you can talk with your guest and see what comes out of it. In fact, this relaxed conversational style is what many consumers prefer.

Podcasts are easily integrated into any existing digital marketing plan. Whether you are trying to sell products or services, are looking to grow your email list, or are simply focused on lead generation, this powerful marketing tool can take your business to the next level.