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Spring Cleaning Your Resume

Tips for your Resume Spring Cleaning

“Your resume was once your pride and joy,” you sit at your desk thinking. You can vividly remember the days of shopping yourself around, to potential hiring managers, listing your experiences and qualifications with pride. You got the job! Success!

That was a while ago, though. Recently, since you’ve begun looking for a job once again, you’re finding fewer and fewer hiring managers reaching out to you. 

Is your resume out of date? Did things really change that much while you were off the market? Are you in need of some resume spring cleaning?

Short answer: Probably, Yes. This doesn’t mean that you are not marketable. Your resume simply may not be reflecting your current skill sets and experience levels the best it possibly could. Job offerings have also changed in recent times, and you may not be positioning yourself to receive the best possible offer-package. 

Whether you work in marketing, like us at Social Thrive, or in another industry, the goal of a resume is to display your expertise. You know this…It’s just difficult getting started. Worry not, though. Below we offer some tips to help you modernize your resume and set yourself up for success as you dive back into the sea to check out some of the other fish.

How Often Should You Be Updating Your Resume?

Every time you secure a new position, your profile changes. Your resume should reflect each of these changes. 

Resumes are a short profile of an individual, based on chronological experience, education and sometimes merit. Not concurrently – you’re telling a compelling story, and may not need the details of your grocery store bagging experience from 25 years ago. 

Leveling up with Certifications

Going back to school is not an option for many people. If you find yourself searching for means of career advancement, it may be time to look into professional certifications. Most industries have some sort of certification or program that can increase your chances of higher pay, better job prospects and new career opportunities.

What is a Certification?

Different from licenses or certificates, certifications are awarded by professional organizations (like Google, HubSpot or LinkedIn) as an endorsement of your knowledge or skills needed to do a job. In most cases, you go through a course of some sort, earning credentials after program completion or experience gained on-site.

The process typically involves meeting specific standards and usually passing an exam. The credential is usually valid for a limited time and must be renewed periodically. Employers may require that you achieve certification before being promoted or receiving a raise.

*Marketing Certifications:

Marketing is a highly competitive industry. Obtaining a certification demonstrates your initiative and expertise when applying for a position. Marketing analytics certifications, as well as Social Media certifications, are available from organizations like Meta/Facebook, Google Ads, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and many more. Some are available for free while others can cost up to $2,500.

The general certification process goes as follows:

  • Complete training program.
  • Pass an exam
    • (Optional) Pay any required fee.
  • Download your certificate!
Updating Your Resume Content

Have you ever heard of ATS, or Applicant Tracking System? Here’s the scoop: Nowadays, most hiring managers utilize ATS software to analyze your application based on industry-relevant keywords. The more ATS- friendly your resume is, the higher the likelihood that a recruiter will take a look at your resume and invite you in for an interview.

The answers are usually within the question, when it comes to keywording. You can oftentimes find the right resume keywords right within the job ad itself. Alternatively, you can hunt for some resume keywords by researching industry keywords related to positions of interest. Strategically plant those keywords in your resume and watch your phone start ringing more and more!

A rising trend in 2022 is ATS software’s ability to automatically pull information from your online profiles and social media presence, including sites like LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter. You’re going to want to make sure these profiles are up to date and that they broadly match the information in your resume. It’s also wise to ensure that they don’t contain any content that risks casting you in a bad light to a potential employer.

Don’t Forget to Mention Your Remote Work Experience

With more roles than ever becoming fully remote, employers are looking for employees with the skills and personality to finish their tasks on time with little oversight. Hiring managers also look for team members who can maintain connections with remote teams, while ensuring everyone accomplishes their work before the deadline. 

Don’t forget to mention this experience and the skills gained therein!

Point Out Your Tech Skills

If you have tech skills related to the position you are applying for, be sure to list them in a separate section or at the bottom of your resume. The same applies to tech skills that may be indirectly relevant, such as data analysis for a business, finance, or management role. 

With the rise of remote positions, the need for self-sufficient employees – able to troubleshoot and solve lighter technological issues, is key to smooth flow in remote team environments.

Mention Your Achievements

Employers have a better idea of what you are able to do for their teams when you mention what you’ve accomplished in other team dynamics. Make certain to include your accomplishments that reflect the duties mentioned in the job description. It’s also beneficial to begin each bullet point with an action verb to frame your achievements in a positive manner.

Updating Your Resume Formatting

Here are a few formatting tips to save you some time and give you an upper-hand when applying for new marketing jobs:

  • Make sure your margins match overall. Standard size is 1” on all sides of the page.
  • Build your resume sections to stand out and be easily spotted by hiring managers.
  • Create a resume layout that is sleek and elegant.
  • Export your resume in PDF file rendering, unless the job ad says otherwise.
  • Give your resume a professional resume file name, that way you ensure your application doesn’t get lost among all the others.
Updating your Professional Headshot

Your professional headshot is oftentimes the first face seen by hiring managers. You want to make sure your professional headshot used on your online resume (ie LinkedIn, Indeed, etc) is an accurate depiction of how you wish to represent yourself. Wardrobe, backdrop/scene, and mood are all important factors. Additionally, you’re going to want to make sure you format the image properly. Be conscious of the image parameters from platform to platform, as ideal resolution and dimensions may vary. You can reference our blog on Image Size for Social Media Profiles for some tips on properly formatting your professional headshot. 

Incorporate Action Words

Grab the hiring manager or recruiter’s attention with action verbs and power words. Recruiters love to see action words, as they convey the action, and also how you take ownership, are proactive or think analytically. These are key qualities hiring managers and recruiters are seeking.

Update the Additional Sections of your Resume

Don’t fall for the trap of overlooking the additional sections because you think that only your education, skills, and work experience are important.

There are quite a few additional skills and traits to list that give your resume high marks with employers. Below are a few:

  • Volunteering: Just like any other paid job, volunteering can demonstrate knowledge, skills and drive to employers.
  • Foreign language skills: A growing number of employers are in need of employees who are fluent in languages other than English. Include the name of the language, along with a standard level rating.
  • Projects: As long as they can demonstrate your skills or know-how.
  • Achievements and awards: Mention relevant achievements or awards that highlight your skills or hard work.
  • Hobbies and interests: Show your interests! Just keep it relevant.

And now you have an updated resume! Enjoy the influx of phone calls and emails. Now on to your next task, choosing the right position for you!