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Amazon Web Services For Marketers

When it comes to running a successful business and marketing campaign it can be challenging and efficiency and effectiveness are everything.  You have a great idea for your company but how do you make it come to life? How do you promote it and fund it? Once it is up and running (successfully), how do you maintain the momentum?!

There are many resources available, but we truly believe that none provide the breadth and depth of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a unique cloud platform offering various services for marketers and companies to help develop, launch, and grow a business, regardless of the stage. 

The platform has a massive customer base worldwide. Over 1M businesses of all shapes and sizes use Amazon Web Services to meet their business goals. 

Want to know more about how Amazon Web Services can help marketers? Check it out below!

A Quick Intro To Amazon Web Services

One of the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services provides easy access to over 200 remote computing and fully-featured services. 

Every service is tailored to a particular need and can easily be accessed and controlled through Amazon Web Services – a simple, secure, and user-friendly platform. 

Before on-demand computing (cloud computing), if you wanted to host websites, create games, or store data, you would require physical facilities (data centers) to house computing resources powering these processes. 

The only problem was that data centers were too costly to establish, design, and maintain. Many businesses and marketers couldn’t afford their ‘own’. However, Amazon Web Services changed that completely!

Regardless of shape or type, businesses can seamlessly use cloud computing from Amazon Web Services and other providers for various use cases without owing data centers. 

Think of it as a set of related services and products that live within the cloud, helping organizations power IT infrastructure. The platform offers various things, from email and cyber security to storage and servers. In short, it’s your go-to, on-demand cloud platform.  

Now you know what Amazon Web Services is, let’s find out why it matters for marketers and businesses. 

Marketers Need Amazon Web Services For Various Reasons

With an extensive tech stack, industry experience, and partner ecosystem, Amazon Web Services is a perfect platform that helps marketers and companies level up marketing transformation outcomes at scale. 

It helps businesses manage cloud workloads for marketing & advertising, especially in ad analytics, data lakes, audience platforms, personalization, customer-data platforms, digital CX, and messaging. 

That’s not it! 

It also provides cutting-edge capabilities for big data, analytics, and machine learning, allowing marketers to select the best tools for marketing tech stack, remove complexity and heavy lifting, and achieve higher cost-efficiency than other cloud providers. 

It has one of the most dynamic and largest partner ecosystems, containing hundreds and thousands of SaaS, ISVs, and systems integrators to help marketers and advertisers. Consider this: Over 90% of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations leverage the Amazon Web Services partner ecosystem to build customer solutions and services. 

Benefits Of Amazon Web Services For Marketers And Businesses

Many marketers and companies prefer Amazon Web Services over others as their go-to cloud service provider due to its numerous benefits. 

Here are  a few Amazon Web Services benefits that marketers can leverage to scale their marketing campaigns and drive growth:

Unmatched Analytics And Machine Learning Capabilities

Amazon Web Services provides more purpose-built solutions for analytics and machine learning than most other cloud service providers. 

This way, marketers and businesses can hand-pick tools that best meet their requirements and business goals and provide added functionality – something you won’t find anywhere else.  

Amazon Ad Ecosystem

If you’re a marketer looking to install analytics, connect partners to advertising, and onboard data, Amazon Web Services can help!

As more and more advertising technology and marketing companies use Amazon Web Services, marketers can effortlessly build data integration with loyalty and CRM partners, analytics partners, demand-side platforms, data-management platforms, and marketing automation platforms. 

Biggest Partner Network 

With more than 100,000 partners worldwide, Amazon Web Services offers the most diverse and dynamic network. 

It includes a range of systems integrators, SaaS providers, and ISVs that help marketers utilize Amazon Web Services for smart products, data analysis, machine learning, cloud migrations, and customer experience. 

Whether you want to modernize your campaigns or business, expand customer reach or drive growth, Amazon Web Services can be increasingly helpful.  

Enhanced Security

Cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds. Moreover, 43% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized businesses. This shows how vulnerable companies are, especially data-driven ones. 

Amazon Web Services offers a highly secure infrastructure to ensure your data remains safe and sound. Security experts at Amazon Web Services follow various data surveillance layers, such as:

  • Data protection
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Data privacy and compliance 
  • Identity management
  • Continuous security monitoring and threat detection

With Amazon S3, marketers can log, access, and audit various policies at the object and account levels. Plus, you can seamlessly save and retrieve vast amounts of data anywhere. 

The platform offers a unique end-to-end approach that provides enhanced security, allowing companies and marketers to focus more on their business development and campaigns. 


Believe it or not, Amazon Web Services can help transform your marketing campaigns and business completely, making it easier to operate efficiently and drive the outcomes you always desire at the lowest cost possible. At Social Thrive, we work every day to help our clients become more effective and efficient in their marketing plans. Reach out to [email protected] today if you’re looking for more ways to transform your marketing!