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Gifts for the Techno Geeks

It’s not too late to find some last-minute gifts for the techies in your life!

Here are some of our favorite suggestions from around the web:

  • Tune in anywhere with Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth 360 Portable Speaker to listen to their music or podcast. Or they could record one with this Snowball USB Microphone.
  • Instead of typing queries into Google, just ask the Google Home Typing is SO 2017!
  • Know someone with a tough commute? Make it easier with the gift of Audible books that they can listen to while driving.
  • Is your bestie like the nutty professor who keeps misplacing things? Get them a tile 4-pack and they’ll never lose their keys or phone again!
  • Have a budding scientist who enjoys brewed beverages? This pint glass will fill their heart with joy (and smug self-satisfaction).
  • The gamer in your life will wear this t-shirt all weekend long while playing. Maybe you can get them a back-up shirt as well. Or something for them to play on like the new Nintendo Switch. Make sure they stay hydrated!
  • Just in time for the new Star Wars movie, help your friend deck the halls with festive R2-D2 lights. More of a dark side fan? We’ve got that covered too.Star wars
  • When all the shopping is done, how about a gift for yourself like a pair of Noise Cancelling headphones 🙂