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Get verified on social media

How to Get Verified on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Ever think about how cool it would be to have that little blue checkmark by your social media account? Well, we know we do! Being verified on social media is always associated with being an influencer and having a large impact on social media and your following. Getting verified is becoming more and more valuable as companies fight to have higher brand legitimacy, but being verified does not have to be as complicated or difficult as you may think.

How to get verified on Instagram and Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram have the same verification requirements since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. No longer are the days where your follower count qualifies your status. Getting verified on Instagram and Facebook is up to YOU! We have written blogs with tips regarding Instagram and Facebook and ways to improve your marketing, but the requirements to be verified are 4 simple regulations:

  1. Authentic: The account that you are attempting to get verified must be a real person, business or brand.
  2. Complete: Your account needs to have a full and appropriate profile and bio and needs at least one post.
  3. Unique: Only one account per person or business can get verified on Facebook and Instagram with few exceptions.
  4. Notable: Your account must be associated with a well-known brand or individual.
With this being said, not everyone that meets these basics are ready to be verified. More tips for getting verified include:
  1. Use community engagement to increase your followers: Facebook and Instagram are known to verify accounts that have a consistent and large audience.
  2. Be active and stay on the radar: Facebook and Instagram value accounts that are highly active and are searched more than the average account. They tend to favor activity over followers. Continue to be consistent with engagement on other profiles as well.
  3. Monitor imposter or fan accounts: Fake accounts or fan accounts may hinder your ability to get verified. So ensure you are the only main account.
How to get verified on Twitter:

Surprise surprise! Twitter has pretty similar requirements to Instagram, but Twitter is known to be less strict with verifying accounts. Here are the Twitter requirements:

  1. Authentic: For Twitter being “authentic” means having an official website, ID verification and an official email address.
  2. Notable: Your account must be associated with a prominently recognized brand or individual. This means have you been featured in a news publication or can you prove that you are a prominent public figure with third party resources (about you)?
  3. Active: Your account needs to be active, complete and secure.
Tips to get your account verified:
  1. Start threads and engage: Being a highly engaged profile on Twitter and starting conversations with threads increases your activity and chances to be verified.
  2. Use the correct hashtags and be open to the public: Having a private account limits the amount of engagement you receive on Twitter along with the hashtags you may be using.
  3. Utilize photo and video: Videos and photos can get you a lot more engagement than most basic tweets on Twitter.
  4. Use Twitter analytics: Check on your analytics weekly! See what is working and what is not. Having a real and authentic style will help you get verified. 

Getting verified on social media can help your company or individual brand appear more professional to the average eye. Being verified can prove your credibility and trust to followers and potential prospects. With that being said, getting verified on social media is no easy feat. You need to make sure you are tracking your analytics and keeping your account credible. An account with 10,000 followers but little activity and content may have less of a chance of getting verified than an account with 2,000 followers and high engagement and quality content.

Do not be disappointed if your brand is not verified yet. Just because you are not verified does not mean you will be looked down on by others. You just need to ensure your team is aware of your goals and priorities in order to take the necessary steps to become a verified social media account in the future.