The Next Great Urban Neighborhood



Since 2015, Social Thrive has helped the Boylston Properties, Wilder Companies, and Cushman & Wakefield teams rebrand the “Arsenal Mall” into the current mixed-use development powerhouse brand it is today.


How to build an energetic digital community within a long-standing, physical community. Watertown was not considered, by and large, a “hot spot” by many Greater Boston residents.


Our job was to shine a light on what great things Watertown already had going on in an effort to generate cross-channel value and ignite a genuine interest for Arsenal Yards using 21st-century appeal.


By intertwining the East End Watertown (EEW) and Arsenal Yards (AY) social profiles, we were able to curate content that resonated with the Watertown community — while also attracting the attention of residents and businesses in Greater Boston.

Our omni-channel strategy involved us connecting with our audience, both online and in person. By creating relevant and hyper-local content we were able to create a community of people who wanted to stay in the know of all things Watertown related.

  1. Creative Blog Management: Posts holistically and altruistically driven toward the community.
  2. Content Mining: Digging up what Watertown was putting down to find content gems and spinning them for digital best practices.
  3. Interactive Content: Mapping out interactive pub crawls and live streaming events the community may have not known about! Time-lapse videos were utilized to offer real-time evidence of the progress at the at the Arsenal Yards development.
  4. Building Rapport with Local Businesses and Community Members: Intertwining them directly in our content strategy through photojournalism, fan shares, business spotlights, and influencer marketing.


EEW experienced growth across across all their digital channels. The EEW website received 68,391 page views resulting in 20,815 sessions through social referral alone. Our multi-channel content strategy allowed our team to take the community-first approach and later tie it into news related to the upcoming shopping center construction and activations. We were able to cultivate familiarity and a sense of community but most importantly connect it to a measurable, digital value.