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ROI, SEO, and other important acronyms

ROI (return on investment) … SEO (search engine optimization) … FYI!

This chart focuses on comparing SEO tactics by how much work goes into them versus which ones actually pay off.  Social media integration and external link building rank as the more significant challenges. The least difficult being updating your website content, noting that in tandem with keyword management, as being the most effective tactics and also the relatively less difficult ones.

We are happy to share this graph and study from because it is something many companies still need to grasp when they budget their marketing dollars. That is why Social Drive is here to help, our specialies lay in creating original content, among other things on this chart. We’d be interested in knowing how many companies allocate their resources to these tactics in totally different proportions.  Also to note, the time table of SEO effectiveness for implementing these tactics can vary and that definitely impacts why companies select some over others.

Awesome study, read it ::drops microphone::


Get the full study:

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Reddit: what do you know?

Not many big brands have or want to run campaigns on the open source community we know today as Reddit. Due to how niche it is and how fickle its audience is, many of your average advertisers have been dissuaded. BUT there is something to be said for its impressive volume of users and by its intrinsically sweet system of voting.

Here are 10 interesting stats that brands should know (July 2013, Reddit):

Reddit Logo

  1. 70,017,371 unique visitors from 183 different countries (Ole!)
  2. 2,480,101 logged in users
  3. 4,934 active communities in one day
  4. 19 million: Votes cast per day
  5. 4,206: Subreddits AKA topic-specific pages, with five or more posts or comments per day
  6. 199 million: Average pageviews per employee per month (haha!)
  7. 165,000: Average number of visitors at any given time during U.S. workday
  8. 88 percent: Percentage of visitors that visit multiple times per day
  9. 4,000: Number of Ask Me Anything interviews in 2012 with more than 100 comments
  10. 78 percent: Percentage of paying gold members who could turn off ads on site, but choose not to

If you were to attempt to run a campaign on this site, they do allow sponsored links on their homepage and also on subreddit pages (which would be much more targeted.)  Lastly, they get hundreds of thousands of postcards sent to their home base… of which has only 28 employees. 28 magical nymphs.

Here is beginner level information for those of you unfamiliar with reddit:

reddit noun, verb

redd·it, redd·it·ing; see redditor, subreddit

noun a type of online community where users vote on content

verb to take part in a reddit community

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Things to know about Adwords: Round 2

In the discussion of Google Adwords and Paid Search, we still have so much more to talk about!

Creative: This is advertising just in case you were confused! AND Google doesn’t give you a lot of characters or space to work with, so you HAVE to be creative.  You have to give people a reason to click on your ad! Think as creatively as you can to what would draw those clicks: it could be free shipping, a gift with purchase, or drop that you are a small or local business. These little tactics will result in higher click through rates. Although Paid Search is a numbers game, this is still Marketing! Another video to help you along the way thanks to Google.

Conversions:  The best feeling is to know that you are paying for a click and YOU can see it and track it. You can find out what word attracted the visitor and what they bought. If you want to calculate your return, install the conversion tracking pixel.  What is more important to you: the traffic or the sales? Reminiscent of what we said in Round 1, data helps you make decisions!

Broad Match: If you do not know what this is, Google has two options for keyword targeting; these would be: Broad Match and Exact Match. Broad match allows Google to match your query to things that are similar to your keyword.  If you company is selling something very niche, then your ads will then we displayed to a more broad audience. So, they may be similar, but in what sense? and is there enough of a distinction to change your audience to less qualified leads?  The only thing that would make you think Broad Match is better is because you will be getting more impressions and although that looks great, and more clicks will look great, but your conversion rate will be low. The reason you have Paid Search having the brunt of your Marketing Budget is because it is highly target and efficient, don’t forget that! If you are going to use Broad Match, it is then unnecessary to add plural or misspelled versions of a given keyword as duplicate entries.

As Google Adwords evolves, I’m sure we will have a round 3 help list for you within a few months! Until next time, godspeed on your campaigns!

Example AdWords Ad

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Online Advertising in 2013: Mobile Mania

The biggest prediction for 2013 in Online Marketing? Mobile. We have to harness increased mobile engagement through all of the new smart phone interfaces. Controlling, monetizing, and …dare I say maintain branding? Advertisers know how online consumption works, but figuring out your phone is not easy or fun.

Graphic Design ServicesA recent study by RadiumOne presented findings of: 47% of consumers using their phone between the ages of 18 through 34 stated that they have clicked on an ad in the past 3 months and 54% of respondents made a purchase from their mobile device in the last 6 months. As devices get more and more sophisticated and augment the online and mobile UX, there will no doubt be advertisers throwing all their notes out the window and starting over.  We hope this means that, as marketers, we can connect even better with consumers and be given more in-depth insights to their preferences.

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Co-owner of Reddit tragedy – How Social Media is honoring him

social media

Mr. Aaron Swartz

  • You may already know him:
  • Helped create RSS at the age of 14
  • Internet Activist and Supporter of Open Access
  • Co-Owner of Reddit (after it merged)
  • Much much more

Some of you may be more recently familiar with Reddit. Reddit is the Social Media channel that acts as a social news and entertainment source where its users submit content. Members also vote content “up” or “down” as to rank a submissions’ position on the front page. Unfortunately, for everyone on the internet, the brilliant Aaron Swartz has recently committed suicide. Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn, apartment on January 11, 2013 by his girlfriend. In July 2011, he was indicted on federal charges of gaining illegal access to JSTOR, the subscription-only service for distributing scientific and literary journals we all used in College. He downloaded about 4.8 million articles and documents which is nearly the entire library. Swartz, if convicted, faced a maximum of $1 million in fines and more than 35 years in prison after the government increased the number of felony counts against him from 4 to 13.

Social Media is honoring Swartz:

The Twitter hashtag #pdftribute is now remembering Aaron Swartz in a way he would have loved: by tweeting links to academic papers free of charge. Access the feed here: By Sunday evening a site was set up to collect their material and included more than 1,500 links to academic and research articles. Also in tribute, hackers attack M.I.T. website. Hackers had begun a campaign that they called via Social Media Operation Aaron Swartz (or anonymously on Twitter known as #OpAaronSwartz) and they rendered the M.I.T. site inaccessible. They used a distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack, in which people flood a site with data requests until it collapses from the load. Late Sunday, the site was back online. The Justice Department’s Web site, at, was operational late Sunday. Elsewhere on the Web, there are more tributes, such as a memorial website where friends and supporters could post their own remembrances. Social Drive would like to say that Aaron and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you Aaron for your brilliance and determination!


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Things to know about Google Adwords: Round 1

Every small business wants to understand Adwords Paid Search and it is generally where all small businesses now put their focus in their Marketing Budget.  Although Paid Search, looks simple and straight forward it is not.  Here are some things that are important before you begin a new Paid Search campaign!

Keywords: Spend more than a few minutes figuring out your keyword because this part is much more important than you can imagine. A good place to start would be to come up with basic search terms that summarize your business or website and then branch out under your basic categories. You also need to think from the perspective of your customer.  There are brands who use keywords that are too technical and are not the first thing their customer would be searching, as they would not think that way. The customer will be not be broad in there search, but nor will they be super detailed.

I know it is hard to not view keyword selection in terms of just search volume v. competition. Although those are big priorities, always keep your focus on the relevance of the word. A high volume searches won’t do you good if they are not highly qualified leads — it just means they most likely won’t convert. So, be specific and not too technical (unless that’s your product!)

Bidding: First things first, please don’t let Google set your bids. It is not because they aren’t honest, they wouldn’t try to do anything crooked with your money if they wanted to keep you as a customer. According to the algorithms, bidding is not easy.  Google guesses in lower volume keywords because the data isn’t significant enough so what we recommend you do is manage the bids yourself! For more about bidding, just watch this Google tutorial!

Data: Paid Search is something you have to constantly monitor and this also means you have to test too! You should test keywords, bidding, creative, and geo-location targeting too. When you gather enough data for a judgement call — then you optimize!  The data always will be your best indicator of what to do next and how efficient your campaign can be.


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Underrated digital strategies

Social Drive TestimonialsWe recently came across a great article about the most underrated digital strategies and we wanted to share it with you guys! It hits upon the different big name companies out there that are utilizing email marketing and other highly devalued channels in the world of online marketing.

It’s a 2 minute read, so go for it!


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Technology and Advertising

The French, Generators, and Water. What do these all have in common? A VIRAL AD.

Together they are a brilliant example of effective and environmental advertising! All these EXCITING ad campaigns being created to go viral on Social Media make Social Drive very happy! Thank you to Cortext for thinking outside of the box, literally outside.

What is the bigger question here? Creating and promoting shareable videos – if we could be honest, a videos success as truly viral is hard to predict. Here are some ways you can try though:

1. Be unique, stand out

2. Do not copy others. Be sure to be original (this is the hard  part!)

3. Brainstorm brainstorm – think outside of the box and bounce ideas off of friends and family

4. Think about your audience, brand, and what would be on a scale large enough to go viral (and don’t like to yourself about it realistically going viral)

5. Do some more research, fine tune your idea, and go for it

6. If you have a great idea — focus and get it out FAST before others think of it


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Show me your “Klout”

How important is your Klout score? This is one of these questions that people tend to struggle to have clear answer for and identify its use for brands.

So what exactly is that mysterious Klout score? According to the founders of Klout, “The Klout Sdownloadcore is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity.” What does it mean? It means that the score will indicate your level of influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. The score is updated daily and varies from 1 to 100. Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga being probably the closest to reaching the best score. Yes, and this also means that it is based on the individual and not on the company/brand unfortunately.

If you use variety of different networks and if you are active on them and people comment on your wall, you have tons of likes, subscribers, mentions, shares and so on… your Klout score will be measure and calculated as very high. The Klout score incorporates more than 400 signals from different networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, and Flickr and even Wikipedia.

Unfortunately the Klout algorithm is a big secret for us and it is really difficult to understand what its implication and meaning is outside of the Klout environment. It is so easy to trick the Klout by RT posts
on Twitter, sharing the content on Facebook or even liking tons of pictures on Instagram. Is it relevant? What is the difference between being a real “influencer” and a “Klout influencer”?

What is your opinion on the Klout score? Does it matters to you? Do you even pay attention to it?

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Be Social in your Business

Facebook Management ServicesWe can all easily agree that social media became a very important part of our lives. It’s not only a tool that we are using to connect with our friends and family but a tool for successful business marketing and client base development platform. Now, if your company wants to be visible and start a dialog with customers, you want and should grow a presence within a range of social media.

According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012, the top three benefits of social media marketing are: “Generating more business exposure (reported 85% of marketers). Followed by increasing traffic (69%) and providing marketplace insight (65%).

If you own a business you should use social media to increase your audience and build loyal and dedicated customer base. It is crucial to show what makes you different and better from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to show your own voice, start communicating with peers, customers and potential consumers. Start by personalizing your brand by using Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. These platforms will help you drive and distribute the message and will bring you quick response form customers who are looking at you online and on their mobile devices too! Social media makes you real to consumers.