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Holiday Tips for Social

holiday photo in Boston5,4,3,2,1…HAPPY NEW YEAR! That’s right, the New Year will be here before we know it. Don’t let the holidays fly by without sharing laughs and fun memories with loved ones. These memories don’t have to be in person, especially for those loved ones that live miles away. Social media is a great way to stay in touch and spread holiday cheer. Share some of these basic tips with your family and friends to make the best of your holiday season:

  1. You and your friends can use hashtags on Twitter to post about what you’re doing everyday during the holiday season and stay trending. You can tag your favorite stores, your friends, and even different restaurants. You can even select a personalized hashtag for just you and your friends to follow together as an inside joke!
  2. Instagram is a great social image sharing app that can be used for uploading pictures right from your smartphone. You can capture all of your moments with a click of a button. You can get fancy and put filters on your photos to brighten them up. Snapchat is also an app to take some photos and share them with friends via your phone’s contact list… these photos disappear once seen though. Have fun and share the moments!
  3. Get Iconosquare! This is an application that integrates your Instagram account and provides fun analytics. You might be asking why is this type of app necessary during the holidays? Well, it offers a “year in review” based upon the top 5 most popular posts from your account and presents it in a cute video you can share. Reliving your coolest memories from 2014 was never this simple: check out more on Iconosquare’s video feature.
  4. Last, but not least, you can use Facebook to check in at different places. Tag your friends and family in pictures of your kids performing in a play or scoring a touchdown in the Thanksgiving Day football game. You might even get a discount for checking in somewhere… #SCORE

However you decide to celebrate this holiday season, don’t forget to share the love and cherish all of the memories with or without your smartphone by your side.

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Ad Fatigue – What is it and how to fight it!?

ServicesYou’re so excited that you finally have been given a budget for ad spend (either on Facebook or wherever you’ve been dying to test out display ads!) After a few days you’re heart stops because there is a drop-off in the ad performance and you lose confidence in your ad skills. This happens every time you run ads. Have you given up yet?

You may have heard of Ad Fatigue, but if not “AD FATIGUE!” See, now you’ve heard about it. Don’t dismiss your skills in display advertising or the power of great creative just because you’ve fallen victim. We’re going to show you how to implement some measures to fix what us experts call Ad Fatigue.

Let’s discuss What Ad Fatigue is

Ad Fatigue is what happens when your target audience has been shown your ad too many times and your CTR (click-through-rate) falls while the frequency your ad being shown keeps increasing. It makes you think your ad is starting to flail and you definitely don’t want your stats to suffer before you show your boss.

This happens for a few reasons. The first being that users are shown your ad a lot. Just about every time they sign on to Facebook. Not to mention your ad is up against photos and fun statuses in their news-feed. So, in the end, people are accustomed to your image and just stop clicking.

How to fight Ad Fatigue?

Creative rotation! Change up your creative and stop users from being desensitized to your ad. As soon as it begins to drop, don’t be afraid to throw up a different version. Pay attention to using different colors and try not to put any text on your creative. As you already know, ads should be eye-catching whether small or in a bigger layout. This also means, keep it simple. The busier the image the worse it does, but it’s all about testing and what you see for yourself.

Ad rotation also includes demographics, so if you have multiple demos to work with changes them out. This has become much easier to accomplish on Facebook with the improvements to the Ad Manager area. Finally, you should rotate your ads weekly or bi-weekly.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to walk through some ad creation with Social Drive just let us know. Write a comment or witty joke below – or drop us a line via email.

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.GIFs: What are they and why are they amazing?

Peanut Butter Jelly Time .gif

Animated images also known as .GIFs have looped around the Internet for 25 years, but have finally made a name for themselves in the last few years. But what are .GIFs? And why have they become such a phenomenon? First off, .GIFs are animated image file formats or pictures that move in an infinite loop. .GIFs swirled the Internet in the 90’s as little tiny clip art images which moved around and simulated life, but overall they never captured much attention from the public. However, today they have become sensations that have swept across all nations. These little motion pictures are being shared so rapidly that it takes only seconds for one .GIF to go from one end of the earth to the other.

Even though they are entertaining, .GIFs do have a practical side. They help deliver the news, tell stories, express public reactions to certain events, as well as spread important information to the masses. Many people believe that for young adults, .GIFs are a symbol of their childhood. They help some recall and even make fun of old relics from their past. Some believe this is where their growth and popularity began. Honestly though, the popularity of .GIFs probably came from its ability to help us convey our thoughts and opinions and share then it on a world scale in a short easy format. These will images have helped us connect with millions of people. Who knew that a little loopy clip could generate so much for us in only a few repeated seconds?

And DON’T FORGET, it was not long ago that inventor of the .GIF declared the official pronuntiation: How to Pronounce .GIF. Was it what you thought it was?


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Facebook: Sneaky Ad Updates!

YIKES! Facebook is rolling out more and more monetizing opportunities on users newsfeeds. When you work everyday in Online Marketing like us, you can easily spot updates to a social platform that haven’t yet been announced.  A few times recently, I’ve noticed that Facebook has a way to identify if a congrats is in order to your friends… and subsequently prompts a gift purchase. Not only am I assuming that algorithm is triggered to surprise your friend who is mentioning a life event (without technically adding a  life event to their profile), but it’s also surprising the end-user because it isn’t technically your typical ad location seen on Facebook.

We’d like to see the stats of which Facebook users have taken advantage of this prompt or even the conversion rates of that oh-so-convenient “Birthday” gift.  Amazon, Starbucks, and Target are all mainstays in these monetizing strategies, but do you eventually thing this will get more niche?

We also surmise that the opposite will occur when a tragic event has happened:

“I hate men – single life here I come again!”

—-> surprise your friend with flowers from Edible Arrangements!  <—-

Check out an example below:

Facebook Advertising

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ROI, SEO, and other important acronyms

ROI (return on investment) … SEO (search engine optimization) … FYI!

This chart focuses on comparing SEO tactics by how much work goes into them versus which ones actually pay off.  Social media integration and external link building rank as the more significant challenges. The least difficult being updating your website content, noting that in tandem with keyword management, as being the most effective tactics and also the relatively less difficult ones.

We are happy to share this graph and study from because it is something many companies still need to grasp when they budget their marketing dollars. That is why Social Drive is here to help, our specialies lay in creating original content, among other things on this chart. We’d be interested in knowing how many companies allocate their resources to these tactics in totally different proportions.  Also to note, the time table of SEO effectiveness for implementing these tactics can vary and that definitely impacts why companies select some over others.

Awesome study, read it ::drops microphone::


Get the full study:

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Reddit: what do you know?

Not many big brands have or want to run campaigns on the open source community we know today as Reddit. Due to how niche it is and how fickle its audience is, many of your average advertisers have been dissuaded. BUT there is something to be said for its impressive volume of users and by its intrinsically sweet system of voting.

Here are 10 interesting stats that brands should know (July 2013, Reddit):

Reddit Logo

  1. 70,017,371 unique visitors from 183 different countries (Ole!)
  2. 2,480,101 logged in users
  3. 4,934 active communities in one day
  4. 19 million: Votes cast per day
  5. 4,206: Subreddits AKA topic-specific pages, with five or more posts or comments per day
  6. 199 million: Average pageviews per employee per month (haha!)
  7. 165,000: Average number of visitors at any given time during U.S. workday
  8. 88 percent: Percentage of visitors that visit multiple times per day
  9. 4,000: Number of Ask Me Anything interviews in 2012 with more than 100 comments
  10. 78 percent: Percentage of paying gold members who could turn off ads on site, but choose not to

If you were to attempt to run a campaign on this site, they do allow sponsored links on their homepage and also on subreddit pages (which would be much more targeted.)  Lastly, they get hundreds of thousands of postcards sent to their home base… of which has only 28 employees. 28 magical nymphs.

Here is beginner level information for those of you unfamiliar with reddit:

reddit noun, verb

redd·it, redd·it·ing; see redditor, subreddit

noun a type of online community where users vote on content

verb to take part in a reddit community

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Things to know about Adwords: Round 2

In the discussion of Google Adwords and Paid Search, we still have so much more to talk about!

Creative: This is advertising just in case you were confused! AND Google doesn’t give you a lot of characters or space to work with, so you HAVE to be creative.  You have to give people a reason to click on your ad! Think as creatively as you can to what would draw those clicks: it could be free shipping, a gift with purchase, or drop that you are a small or local business. These little tactics will result in higher click through rates. Although Paid Search is a numbers game, this is still Marketing! Another video to help you along the way thanks to Google.

Conversions:  The best feeling is to know that you are paying for a click and YOU can see it and track it. You can find out what word attracted the visitor and what they bought. If you want to calculate your return, install the conversion tracking pixel.  What is more important to you: the traffic or the sales? Reminiscent of what we said in Round 1, data helps you make decisions!

Broad Match: If you do not know what this is, Google has two options for keyword targeting; these would be: Broad Match and Exact Match. Broad match allows Google to match your query to things that are similar to your keyword.  If you company is selling something very niche, then your ads will then we displayed to a more broad audience. So, they may be similar, but in what sense? and is there enough of a distinction to change your audience to less qualified leads?  The only thing that would make you think Broad Match is better is because you will be getting more impressions and although that looks great, and more clicks will look great, but your conversion rate will be low. The reason you have Paid Search having the brunt of your Marketing Budget is because it is highly target and efficient, don’t forget that! If you are going to use Broad Match, it is then unnecessary to add plural or misspelled versions of a given keyword as duplicate entries.

As Google Adwords evolves, I’m sure we will have a round 3 help list for you within a few months! Until next time, godspeed on your campaigns!

Example AdWords Ad

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Online Advertising in 2013: Mobile Mania

The biggest prediction for 2013 in Online Marketing? Mobile. We have to harness increased mobile engagement through all of the new smart phone interfaces. Controlling, monetizing, and …dare I say maintain branding? Advertisers know how online consumption works, but figuring out your phone is not easy or fun.

Graphic Design ServicesA recent study by RadiumOne presented findings of: 47% of consumers using their phone between the ages of 18 through 34 stated that they have clicked on an ad in the past 3 months and 54% of respondents made a purchase from their mobile device in the last 6 months. As devices get more and more sophisticated and augment the online and mobile UX, there will no doubt be advertisers throwing all their notes out the window and starting over.  We hope this means that, as marketers, we can connect even better with consumers and be given more in-depth insights to their preferences.